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News to Use


On behalf of Dr. Farhad Memarzadeh, P.E., Director, Division of Technical Resources, Office of Research Facilities at the National Institutes of Health, attached please find NIH’s Biomedical Research Facility Technical Criteria "News to Use”.  

The purpose of ‘News to Use’ is to raise technical awareness regarding state of the art innovation and the importance of attention to detail in designing highly complex biomedical facilities.  The concise one page monthly articles condense important technical criteria in the Design Requirements Manual (DRM) and place emphasis on flexible design, safety and health of the occupants, security, and protection of the environment. Each article guides the reader to the appropriate section of the DRM for additional topic detail. 

NIH DRM is used worldwide by A/Es in designing state of the art biomedical laboratory and animal research facilities. The DRM is the most comprehensive design manual of its kind and the only prescriptive biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities guidelines in the U.S.  Although the DRM promulgates minimum performance design standards for NIH facilities, it also ensures that those facilities will be of the highest quality to support biomedical research. The NIH conducts bioenvironmental research to improve indoor air quality while saving energy in biomedical laboratories and animal research facilities.  The results of these studies have been cited and adopted as national and international standards for labs and hospitals.

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This page was last updated on Jul 19, 2024