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Services Contact Information for Facilities


Washington Metro Area 

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Service Contact Phone
AAALAC Issues Ivan Locke 301-443-8074
Moshfeq Rahman 
Administrative Office -- ORF Leonie Daley 301-496-6391
Asbestos Monitoring - Asbestos Management Program
Jim Ganz
Card Access Systems (ORS) Access Control  301-496-0051
Central call-in Customer Desk (facility service calls) Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
CIT (LAN—Infrastructure, cabling) 301-496-4357
CIT (Telephones, 2 way radios, pagers) 301-496-4357
CIT (Wired and Wireless Networking) 301-496-4357

Clinical Center Patient Equipment David Ram -BEIP (Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation Program) 301-496-1311
CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Mgmt. System) Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Conference Services (ORS) NIH Events Management 301-496-9966
Construction Contracts (types of) Pete Miller
Rick Robey
Courier Service (for ORS/ORF only) ORS Courier 301-402-9813
Custodial Services Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Drawing Retrieval (EDMS) Samna Ali 301-443-7383
Electrical Monitoring and Control (SCADA) Sam Seraj  301-​978-6833
Elevators Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Emergency Generator Power Systems Central Call-in Desk 301-402-3336
Emergency Maintenance & Repair (on & off campus) Central Call-In Desk 301-435-8000
Environmental Permits / Cleanup (DEP, ORF) Mark Miller 301-496-3537
Environmental Reviews (NEPA) Valerie Nottingham 301-496-7775
Facility Maintenance Support Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Fire Prevention/Life Safety (ORS) ​Deputy FM Ken Linder 301-496-0487
Fire Protection (DFOM ORF) Central Call-in Desk 301-496-2105
​General NIH Policy Manual Questions
Clarence Dukes
Geographic Information System Kenny Floyd 301-496-3537
Global Email, sending – All NIH NIH Listserv Link
Global Email, sending – All ORF Brad Moss 301-402-1661
Global Email, sending – All ORS Brad Moss 301-402-1661
Ground Maintenance/Landscape Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Hazardous Work Permit (open flame) --ORS Deputy FM Paul Richards
ID Cards Administrative Office 301-496-6391
Joint Commission Training for government and contractor personnel
​Rick Robey
The Joint Commission (TJC) issues Rozario A.. (Tony) Francis 301-594-6472
Laboratory Equipment for CC and NIH SEIB 301-496-4131
Nursing Mothers Program ORS/DoHS/Health & Wellness/Nursing Mothers Program 301-435-7580
Locksmith Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Materials Acquisition (ORF, BSB) LaShawn Goodman 301-402-3474
NIH Moving Services For questions about BPA contracts 301-496-1546
NIH Police policechief@nih.go​v 301-496-5685
Occupational Health & Safety (ORF) ​John Veitch 301-402-3474
Parking Permits (applications) Administrative Office 301-496-6391
Pest Management (ORS)
Pneumatic tube/electric track Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000

Project Locations

Susan M. Roberts 301-594-7570
​​Project ​Management Desk Guide for Design and Construction Projects
Julianna Saviola ​
Project  Notification, Construction Risk Assessment,
Above Ceiling Permit, Inspection, as-built,
O & M submission (CCC/Bldg 10)
Office of Hospital Physical Environment (OHPE) 301 443-9609
Public Safety Issues (ORS) ​Emergencies, Police: 301-496-0487

Radiation Safety (ORS)
Radioactive Materials 301-496-5774
Division of Facilities Operations and Maintenance (DFOM) Donna Phillips 301-496-5086
Retail and Vendors on Campus Retail Services: 301-402-8981

Roofing Systems Central Call-in Desk 301-435-8000
Room Numbering
Craig ​Bullock
Security (ORS) Campus Security  301-402-9755
Site Coordination and Road Closure​sDanita Broadnax 
Pete Ludgate 
Transhare (ORS) Transhare   
Utilities Distribution Branch Dan Moses 301402-2848
Utility Maintenance and Repair Central Call-In Desk 301-435-8000
Utility Management and Procurement Greg Leifer 301-402-2100

Utility Shutdown Website

Utility Shutdown LINK
Vending Machines Gregg Nelson 301-443-7133
Waste Management (ORF, BSB) Valerie Nottingham 301-496-7775
WSSC Coordination



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