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​​​​​​The Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF) is made up of an Office of the Director,  Office of Hospital Physical Environment and eight Divisions, each with responsibility for a different aspect of the NIH facilities program.  

ORF Organization Chart

Office of the Director (ORF OD)
The Office of the Director (OD) provides operational and strategic leadership to the Research Facilities organization. Dan Wheeland, Director, 301-594-0999.

 (ORS/ORF Acting Director of Office of Administrative Management,​​Timothy  Tosten

Office of Hospital Physical Environment  (OHPE)
OHPE supports Clinical Center/Hospital in retention of “Accredited Status” by overseeing and facilitating compliance with The Joint Commission’s “Hospital Accreditation Standards” (i.e. Life Safety, Environment of Care, and Utility System Management); in collaboration with various ORF and ORS offices to provide a safe physical environment for patient treatment, biomedical research and occupant safety. Rozario A. (Tony) Francis is the Director/Chief, 301-594-6472.

Division of Facilities Planning (DFP)
The Division of Facilities Planning (DFP) coordinates and manages all planning related to NIH owned and leased facilities on all campuses. Rick Herring is the  Director, 301-803-8780​.

Division of Facilities Operations and Maintenance (DFOM)
The Division of Facilities Operation and Maintenance (DFOM) is responsible for the safe, efficient, and effective operation and maintenance of NIH real property. Donna Phillips is the Director, 301-496-5086.
Office of Acquisitions, ORF (OA-ORF)
The Office of Acquisitions (OA-ORF) supports biomedical research by providing contracting solutions to secure required architecture and engineering, construction, real estate leasing and facility support services. We commit to doing this in a cost effective and quality manner. Kala Shankar is the Director, 301-402-0878.

Division of Technical Resources (DTR)
The Division of Technical Resources (DTR) conducts scientific Bioenvironmental research and studies to advance emerging technologies used in biomedical research facilities. DTR provides consultation services, comprehensive review, oversight and quality assurance of design and construction documents for NIH intramural and extramural Biosafety Level (BSL)-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4 biomedical research and animal research facilities.   DTR develops and maintains the NIH Design Requirements Manual (DRM) to provide detailed requirements and guidance for biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities in the U.S.  DTR also oversees design and construction and provides technical and engineering support for the operations, maintenance, and quality assurance of the Bethesda Campus Central Utility Plant, Cogeneration Plant and the utilities distribution systems to ensure that utilities are delivered safely, efficiently and optimally. Farhad Memarzadeh is the Director, 301-496-8746.

Division of Environmental Protection (DEP)
The Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) works to protect and enhance the NIH environment. William (Kenny) Floyd is the Director, 301-496-3537.​

Division of Budget and Financial Management (DBFM) 
DBFM is responsible for formulating and executing the ORF operating and Building and Facilities budgets.  The division is also responsible for formulating the NIH-wide rent assessment tables as well as making sure that NIH complies with the NIH-wide construction special authority language which was added to our appropriation in FY2007. Victoria Ward is the Director, 301-594-0999.

Division of Facilities Stewardship (DFS)
The Division of Facilities Stewardship  (DFS) is charged with assessing and understanding the condition of NIH real property assets and their systems, developing and overseeing plans, budgets, and projects and programs for correcting deficiencies, serving as technical experts relative to buildings and their systems.
​Ramin Zandpour is the​ Director, 301-273-5657.

Division of Design and Construction Management (DDCM)​
The Division of Design and Construction Management (DDCM) works collaboratively with ICs to provide biomedical research facilities that support critical NIH research and to provide the support facilities for administration and management.  DDCM oversees the design, construction, repair and renovation of all NIH facilities and manages NIH real property. Rick Robey is the Director, 301-827​-4509.

This page was last updated on Jul 16, 2024