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Operations and Maintenance

NIH owns almost 12 million gross square feet of research, administrative and support facilities. Roughly 50 percent of these are more than 25 years old. To meet ongoing NIH research requirements, all NIH facilities must be maintained and improved to provide safe, reliable, efficient, and effective performance throughout their life cycle. Facility operations and maintenance is the responsibility of The Division of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance (DFOM) which insures good stewardship of NIH facilities with a comprehensive maintenance and repair program based on facility assessments, comprehensive preventive maintenance, and equipment repair and/or replacement.

EmergenciesFailure of critical equipment or utilities, flooding conditions, or similar problems that pose imminent danger to health or substantial loss to buildings, equipment, or scientific research.

To report an emergency, call the ORF Call-in Desk at 301-435-8000 (24 Hour Service). If life safety emergency, Call 911 (NIH response) immediately.  Off campus in MD 9-911 (Montgomery County response).

Facility Management – DFOM Team Chiefs are the single point of contact for all issues and concerns related to an NIH owned or leased facility. They are responsible for protecting the government’s facilities and assuring that these facilities meet the need for achieving the NIH mission.

Grounds maintenance – To report any problem with snow or ice removal, lawn care, or plantings, call the ORF Call-in Desk at 301-435-8000 (24 Hour Service).

Snow and Ice RemovalSafe passage for cars and pedestrians in and around campus throughout the winter is a priority of The Division of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance (DFOM). Our miles of roadways and sidewalks, acres of parking lots and hundreds of building entrances are pre-treated before predicted storms and sanded and salted repeatedly, early, and often during snowy and/or icy conditions using both mechanical equipment and hand labor. Contractors are used exclusively. During bad winter weather, these areas will never be 100 percent ice free. Therefore, staff members are urged to use caution to avoid accidents, including wearing footwear that does not slip easily. The RPMO also takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously, making every effort not to apply excessive salts. These salts, which are toxic to the environment, dissolve and flow from our storm drains into Rock Creek, the Potomac, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. For questions or concerns regarding snow removal or other Grounds Maintenance issues, contact the ORF Call-in Desk  at 301-435-8000 (24 Hour Service).

Maintenance – Correcting problems of a non-emergency nature, such as routine repairs and adjustments such as repairing doors, repairing faucets, replacing light bulbs, adjusting room temperature.
To request maintenance services, call the ORF Call-in Desk at 301-435-8000 (24 Hour Service).

Utility Outages – Notices of scheduled utility shutdowns can be obtained electronically by Subscribing​ to the service and selecting those buildings in which you have an interest.

This page was last updated on Jul 30, 2023