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Facility Management

The Facility Management Team is the first point of contact for Administrative Officers in resolving all facilities-related issues. They are responsible for ensuring that service level agreements are met and that occupants enjoy quiet use of the space as intended. Please contact 301-435-8000 or 301-337-5908 or email the Facility Management Team.

Within the team of Facility Managers is the Housing Management Team (HMT). The HMT manages on-campus residences, referred to as the Quarters. In addition, the HMT is the liaison between the landlords and tenants in off-campus housing controlled by four NIH student Fellow programs.

The Facility Management Team is not mandated to intrude on existing relationships the ICs may have with service providers, but ICs and service providers are encouraged to use the Facility Management Team when normal channels are not working well.


BuildingCommon NameLocation
01Dr. James A. Shannon BuildingBethesda
02Building 2Bethesda
03Building 3Bethesda
04Lowell P. Weicker BuildingBethesda
05Building 5Bethesda
06Building 6Bethesda
06 MLPMulti-Level Parking 6Bethesda
07 MLPMulti-Level Parking 7Bethesda
08Building 8Bethesda
08 MLPMulti-Level Parking 8Bethesda
09Building 9Bethesda
09 MLPMulti-Level Parking 9Bethesda
10Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical CenterBethesda
10 CRCMark O Hatfield Clinical Research CenterBethesda
10 MLPMulti-Level Parking 10Bethesda
10-T30APF (cGMP)Bethesda
10-TR10AAPF (cGMP)Bethesda
10-TR10BAPF (cGMP)Bethesda
10BAmbulatory Care Research Facility (ACRF)Bethesda
11Central Utility PlantBethesda
11 MLPGateway Visitor Multi-Level ParkingBethesda
12Building 12Bethesda
13Building 13Bethesda
14Building 14Bethesda
15B-15I15 Group- QuartersBethesda
15KWilson HouseBethesda
16Lawton Chiles International House (Stone House)Bethesda
16AFogarty International CenterBethesda
17Building 17Bethesda
18Building 18Bethesda
18TBuilding 18TBethesda
21Building 21Bethesda
22Building 22Bethesda
23Northwest Child Care CenterBethesda
25Building 25Bethesda
28Building 28Bethesda
29ABuilding 29ABethesda
29BBuilding 29BBethesda
30Building 30Bethesda
31 A-CClaude Denson Pepper BuildingBethesda
32Building 32Bethesda
32TBuilding 32TBethesda
32T2Building 32T2Bethesda
33CW Bill Young CenterBethesda
35John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center (PNRC)Bethesda
35AJohn Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center II (PNRC-II)Bethesda
37Building 37Bethesda
38National Library of Medicine (NLM)Bethesda
38ALister Hill National Center for Biomedical CommunicationsBethesda
39TBuilding 39TBethesda
40Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research CenterBethesda
41Building 41Bethesda
45William H. Natcher BuildingBethesda
46Building 46Bethesda
49Silvio O. Conte BuildingBethesda
50Louis Stokes LaboratoriesBethesda
51NIH Fire StationBethesda
52Building 52Bethesda
53Building 53Bethesda
54Building 54Bethesda
58Building 58Bethesda
59Building 59Bethesda
59ABuilding 59ABethesda
60Mary Woodard Lasker Center For Health Research and EducationBethesda
61Caretakers HouseBethesda
62The Childrens InnBethesda
63Building 63Bethesda
64East Child Care CenterBethesda
65Edmond J Safra Family LodgeBethesda
66Gateway CenterBethesda
67Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF)Bethesda
68Building 68Bethesda
82RA Bloch International Cancer CenterBethesda

This page was last updated on Oct 30, 2017