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Planning & Space Management

NIH Master Planning
Master planning is the articulation of goals for the future development of NIH's campuses.

New and Planned Facilities
Regularly updated information on ongoing NIH construction projects and the NIH five-year-plan for facilities.

National Institutes of Health Bethesda Campus 2022 Site Map
Arial view of NIH’s Bethesda Campus with all buildings, trailers, sheds, parking garages, parking lots, wing designations for the Building 10 Complex, street names of campus roadways and the perimeter roadways.

Requests for Space
Information for ICs to use in requesting space.

Space Policies and Guidelines
The following policies and guidelines were approved by NIH.  The NIH Facilities Work Group and the Space Recommendation Board using these in managing NIH space and making decisions about competing requests for allocation of NIH space

How Big is a Square Foot?

NIH definitions of space measurements.

NIH Census
The NIH Census is collected annually using the NIH Enterprise Directory/NED data and applying filters.  It is used for NIH Master Planning and for allocating Central Services costs to the ICs.

The NIH Facility Information Management System (FIMS) aka (Rubik's Cube)
Desktop access to real time facility data to support comprehensive facility management and data-driven decision making for NIH owned and leased biomedical research and research support facilities. 



This page was last updated on Sep 06, 2022