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NIH Master Planning

Master planning is the articulation of goals for the future development of NIH's campuses through a logical sequence of programs and projects enabling NIH to meet critical research priorities and planning objectives. The Plan outlines the present composition of NIH campuses and a process for their orderly and comprehensive development over a period of approximately 20 years. The Master Plan is a dynamic document that provides a framework for future development that best supports NIH facility and scientific research requirements. Actual realization of NIH Master Plans depends on priorities of NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Congressional and Presidential policy decisions, and federal budgetary realities.
Master planning is the responsibility of the ORF Division of Facilities Planning.  
The NIH Master Plans:

The NIH Bethesda Master Plan, 2013 Comprehensive Master Plan NIH Bethesda Campus

The 2013 Update of the Master Plan for the NIH Bethesda, Maryland campus is a revision of the 2003 Master Plan. It was submitted to the National Capital Planning Commission for review, open for public comment, and then finalized. Final approval was given on June 14, 2013. The Master Plan 2013 Update is also available on CD from, Susan M. Roberts, Chief, Planning and Programming Branch, Division of Facilities Planning..
The document is several hundred pages long. If you download the PDF version, you can minimize download time by selecting only the section in which you're interested
Click to view a narrated virtual tour of the NIH Bethesda Campus
highlighting 2013 Master Plan goals and proposed projects.
The NIH RTP Master Plan, Research Triangle Park (RTP) Master Plan

The NIH Animal Center Master Plan,
The 2013 NIH Animal Center Master Plan

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