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Waste Management Services




General Waste
Chemical Waste
Multihazardous Waste
Radioactive Waste
Medical Pathological Waste (MPW)
NIH Recycling
Construction and Demolition Waste Contract Requirements PDFPDF file
Laboratory Waste Disposal Matrix  PDFPDF file

Chemical Waste Service Requests​ (for NIH only)
For technical issues please call David Mohammadi at 301-496-7990

Spills or Emergencies -On Bethesda campus911 (NIH response)
 Off campus in MD9-911 (Montgomery County response)
Safety and Health Specialists301-496-2346
Health Physicists301-496-5774
Chemical Waste
Pickup: 301-496-4710Assistance: 301-496-7990
Multihazardous Waste
Pickup: 301-496-4451Assistance: 301-496-5774 or 301-496-7990
Radioactive WastePickup: 301-496-4451Assistance: 301-496-5774
Medical Pathological Waste, MPWPickup: 301-402-6349Assistance: 301-496-2346
Recycling Waste
General Waste
Pickup: 301-402-6349
Pickup: 301-496-7990
Assistance: 301-496-7990
Assistance: 301-496-7990

Laboratory Chemical Move 301-496-7990 
Radioactive Material Move 301-496-5774 
Biohazard Material and Laboratory Clearance 301-496-2346 

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This page was last updated on Jul 20, 2023