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Division of Environmental Protection (DEP)

The Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) works to protect and enhance the NIH environment. William (Kenny) Floyd is the Director, 301-496-3537.

In addition to the Office of the Director, it has three branches

Sustainability Branch – (EQB)
The environmental quality branch is responsible for the supervision, management, and conduct of the environmental quality program at NIH, providing professional, engineering and architectural services to analyze and audit environmental impacts and ensure sound environmental planning principles, including material and energy conservation. 
Environmental Compliance Branch– (ECB)
The Environmental Compliance Branch serves as the focal point for regulatory inspections and required environmental permits and plans. Branch employees provide services to support facilities and research operations by knowing and understanding the applicable regulations, disseminating information on how these regulatory obligations can be met, and working with NIH staff to minimize noncompliance.
Waste and Resource Recovery Branch – (WRRB)
The Waste and Resource Recovery Branch is responsible for the supervision, management, and conduct of the waste management program at NIH, providing professional and technical support in the collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal of the hazardous and non-hazardous chemical, medical pathological, general and solid and mixed wastes.



This page was last updated on Nov 08, 2013