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Office of Hospital Physical Environment (OHPE)

OHPE supports Clinical Center/Hospital in retention of “Accredited Status” by overseeing and facilitating compliance with The Joint Commission’s “Hospital Accreditation Standards” (i.e. Life Safety, Environment of Care, and Utility System Management); in collaboration with various ORF and ORS offices to provide a safe physical environment for patient treatment, biomedical research and occupant safety.
Office of Hospital Physical Environment (OHPE)
Location: 10/B1C18
Main Phone: 301-594-6472
Francis, Tony
Director/Chief, Office of Hospital Physical Environment (OHPE)
Agrawal, Subodh N.
Senior Electrical Engineer (OHPE)
Nathan, Vijay
Senior Mechanical Engineer (OHPE)
Roa, Patrick
Mechanical Engineer (OHPE)


This page was last updated on Mar 23, 2021