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Division of Budget and Financial Management (DBFM)

The Division of Budget and Financial Management (DBFM),  is responsible for formulating and executing the ORF operating and Building and Facilities budgets.  The division is also responsible for formulating the NIH-wide rent assessment tables as well as making sure that NIH complies with the NIH-wide construction special authority language which was added to our appropriation in FY2007. Victoria Ward is the Director, 301-594-0999.
Business Support Branch – (BSB)
Provides design and user interface support for ORF’s project management software,  (2) Provides property management services to DPM,  (3) Manages the execution of ORF operating budget,  (4) Formulates ORF operating budget,  (5) Processes and approves work requests,  (6)  Process and approves requisitions,  (7) Processes the collection of ORF Fees,  (8) Monitors and reports on ORF reviews and expenses,  (9) Responds to NIH audit request for ORF,  (10) Responds to status of financial inquires by project officers and managers (customer service).
Budget Development and Execution Branch– (BDEB)
Serves as principal branch for advice to all other ORF divisions on the financial management aspects of the planning, formulation, execution, and evaluation of the ORF operating budget and the buildings and facilities budget;  (2) Collaborates with program planning staff in the development and coordination of the ORF programs with the budget process;  (3) Formulates and monitors the ORF financial management program and establishes a system of effective funds control;  (4) Serves as a focal point for the monitoring and clearance of budgetary and fiscal data as the result of congressional and public inquiries; and  (5) Works closely with the NIH Office of Financial Management.


This page was last updated on Aug 15, 2014