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Laboratory Chemical Move Procedures

After Institute’s move date is finalized, the institute move coordinator should call the Division of Environmental Protection at least 4 to 6 weeks for additional guidance. 

The institute move coordinator shall work with the institute’s acquisition personnel to procure a chemical relocation contractor and contract award information for companies that provide waste management services which include chemical moves.

Important information to consider before and after your chemical moves:     

  • Share your excess chemicals that you don’t need or cannot use at your new location to reduce move cost and minimize waste generation.
  • For unwanted chemicals that cannot be shared call Chemical Waste Services at 301-496-4710 two to four weeks prior to the scheduled move date to request pick up service.
  • Do not carry chemical waste containers to new location. Call Chemical Waste Services for waste collection. Make sure that all waste containers are labeled properly
  • Make sure that cold rooms are working properly at the new location for storage of chemicals that required cold room storage.
  • Notify the Division of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Compliance Branch at 301-496-7775 of lab move for chemical clearance and decontamination.
  • Perform final laboratory walk through to make sure all chemicals have been removed.
  • Call Chemical Waste Services to request chemical waste containers and containment pans for your new location.






This page was last updated on Mar 03, 2021