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30-50-05 -- Definitions and Acronyms

  1. CEQ Regulations Definitions. Definitions that apply to the terms used in this chapter are set forth in the CEQ regulations under 40 CFR Part 1508. The terms and the sections of 40 CFR Part 1508 in which they are defined follow:

        Categorical Exclusion (40 CFR 1508.4)
        Cooperating Agency (40 CFR 1508.5)
        Cumulative Impact (40 CFR 1508.7)
        Effects (40 CFR 1508.8)
        Environmental Assessment (EA) (40 CFR 1508.9)
        Environmental Document (40 CFR 1508.10)
        Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (40 CFR 1508.11)
        Federal Agency (40 CFR 1508.12)
        Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (40 CFR 1508.13)
        Human Environment (40 CFR 1508.14)
        Jurisdiction by Law (40 CFR 1508.15)
        Lead Agency (40 CFR 1508.16)
        Legislation (40 CFR 1508.17)
        Major Federal Action (40 CFR 1508.18)
        Mitigation (40 CFR 1508.20)
        NEPA Process (40 CFR 1508.21)
        Notice of Intent (40 CFR 1508.22)
        Proposal (40 CFR 1508.23)
        Scope (40 CFR 1508.25)
        Significantly (40 CFR 1508.27)

  2. Chapter 30-50 Definitions. The following terms are defined solely for the purpose of implementing the supplemental procedures provided by this chapter and are not necessarily applicable to any other statutory or regulatory requirements. To the extent that a definition of one of these terms should conflict with a definition in an applicable statute, regulation or Executive Order, that statute, regulation or Executive Order definition shall supersede the GAM definition.

    "Department" means the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

    "Pollution Prevention" includes, but is not limited to, reducing or eliminating hazardous or other polluting inputs, which can contribute to both point and non-point source pollution; modifying manufacturing, maintenance, or other industrial practices; modifying product designs; recycling (especially in-process, closed loop recycling); preventing the disposal and transfer of pollution from one media to another; and increasing energy efficiency and conservation. Pollution prevention can be implemented at any stage -- input, use or generation, and treatment -- and may involve any technique -- process modification, waste stream segregation, inventory control, good housekeeping or best management practices, employee training, recycling, and substitution. Any reasonable mechanism which successfully avoids, prevents, or reduces pollutant discharges or emissions other than by the traditional method of treating pollution at the discharge end of a pipe or stack should, for purposes of this chapter, be considered pollution prevention. (This definition of "pollution prevention" has been adopted by CEQ. See Council on Environmental Quality, "Memorandum to Heads of Federal Departments and Agencies Regarding Pollution Prevention and the National Environmental Policy Act," 58 FR 6478 (1993).)

    Note: A definition of "pollution prevention" that has been developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is used in Chapters 30-60 through 30-90.

    "Responsible official" means the Secretary, the Departmental decision-maker designated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services or the Secretary's designated representative, or the Head of an OPDIV/STAFF, or an official designated by the Head of an OPDIV/STAFFDIV, or the Federal agency official who makes the decision to irreversibly and irretrievably commit the agency's resources to execute the proposed action.

  3. Acronyms. The following acronyms are used in this chapter:

        CEQB -- Council on Environmental Quality
        CFRB -- Code of Federal Regulations
        EA -- Environmental Assessment
        EISB -- Environmental Impact Statement
        EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency
        FONSIB -- Finding of No Significant Impact
        HHS -- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
        NEPA -- National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
        NOIB -- Notice of Intent
        OPDIV -- HHS Operating Division
        ROD -- Record of Decision
        STAFFDIV -- HHS Staff Division
        U.S.C. -- United States Code

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