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NIH Space Loan Policy

Policy Summary:

Space loans and the terms of the loans should be officially tracked in the NIH floor plan and rent systems in order to provide a record of the space ownership even when the personnel who arranged the loan have changed. Therefore, Institutes, Centers, and NIH Offices who “loan” assigned space to another NIH IC or Office must submit all loans to the NIH Space Recommendation Board (SRB) for review.

The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) will assign Space Justification Document (SJD) numbers to these loans and track them in the SJD floor plan and rent systems. ORF will review the loans on an annual cycle.

Purpose and Applicability:

This process provides a standardized mechanism for ORF to track space requests on and off campus and plan for future administrative and research space and patient care, clinical and animal capacity requirements. The decision memorandum documents the assigned space location and terms.

This policy covers temporary loans of space between ICs, between the Clinical Center and the ICs, and between the SRB and an IC in NIH owned and leased space. It covers all existing and all future loans.

NIH Space Loan Policy, June 29, 2005  PDF file - PDF (53KB) 508

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