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NIH Forced Moves Policy

  • If NIH Corporate forces a move, the Funding Advisory Review Board (FARB) will develop a plan for providing required funds for the forced move.
  • An IC forcing a move must pay rent for the forced move portion of the space until the IC being forced to move can occupy the space.
  • A forcing IC will not have to fund expansions of space desired by the forced IC.
  • If an IC is forced to move off campus, FWG and the NIH Space Recommendation Board (SRB) may recommend, at the request of the IC, that the NIH Director increase the ICs budget to cover the higher rent.
  • As much as possible, costs and financial responsibilities should be agreed upon by affected ICs in advance.
  • The Facilities Working Group (FWG), formerly called the Facilities Advisory Planning Committee (FPAC), and NIH Leadership, acting in the best interest of NIH, constitute “NIH Corporate” for space allocation purposes.
  • An IC, the NIH OD, or a Central Service Office and Center (CSOC), which is forced to relocate by NIH Corporate or another IC is entitled to space and funding compensation for the forced move from the organization that forced the move.
APPLICATION: The policy was approved May 6, 2002 and applies to ALL types of space.

  • The IC forcing a move must use the space justification document (SJD) process and receive approval from the SRB. Policy and funding issues will be referred to FWG.
  • The IC forcing a move will cover the costs of providing the moving IC with facilities in the same condition as the original; however, the forcing IC does not need to fund upgrades or customization of the new space beyond that of the original. More specifically,
    • An IC being forced to move will receive at least the same level of quality and features as exist in current space. A generic cost estimate based on unit rates will accompany the SJD Decision Memo, but the contractor will develop the actual cost.
    • An IC required to move administrative space off campus is entitled to the 190 nsf/person that is standard off campus instead of the 160 nsf/person standard on campus.
    • The contractor will seek concurrence on actual costs with the forcing IC.
    • The forcing IC will pay for new office and/or lab furniture for the number of work stations currently existing.
    • The ORF Project Officer is responsible for final decisions on disputes concerning quality and duplication of space.
    • The ORF Project Officer must get approval from the forcing IC or the Central Services Budget to charge the IC’s CAN for forced-move expenses.
    • The SJD Decision Memo will include a schedule for delivery of space to the forcing IC. The schedule will not include elements out of the control of the ICs or the lessor’s ability to deliver the space.
  • An IC being forced to move will pay rent on existing space until the new space can be occupied. The forcing IC will pay rent for the forced move portion of the new space, if necessary before occupancy takes place.

This page was last updated on Nov 27, 2012