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ORF Home > Technical Resources > Bioenvironmental Studies > Ventilation Design Handbook on Animal Research Facilities Using Static Microisolators - Volumes I and II

Ventilation Design Handbook on Animal Research Facilities Using Static Microisolators - Volumes I and II

Ventilation Design Handbook on Animal Research Facilities Using Static Microisolators VOLUME I Book Cover Principal Investigator: Farhad Memarzadeh
Division of Technical Resources
Office of Research Services
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland
September 1998
 Ventilation Design Handbook on Animal Research Facilities Using Static Microisolators VOLUME Il Book Cover

Participants of Progress Meetings

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, U.S.A.

Andrea Barnes                                                 Chief, Animal Care Branch, NIAID 
Alan Chedester                                                Chief, Unit of Animal Laboratory Science, NIAAA 
Tony Clifford                                                      Director, Division of Engineering Services (DES)
Jacqueline                                                        Crawley Chief, Section of Behavioral Neuro Pharmacology, NIMH 
Judith Davis                                                      Chief, Animal Health and Care Section, NINDS 
Rassa Davoodpour                                         Mechanical Engineer, DCAB,DES 
Roxanne E. Fox                                                Facility and Equipment Specialist, VRP 
Daniel Hightower                                             Associate Director for Internal Control and Policies, DES 
Jorge Jacot Fellow                                           Pathology/Physiology, NEI 
Grace Lidl Deputy                                            Chief, Laboratory Animal Medicine Section, NCI 
Robert McDonald                                             Deputy Assistant Director, DES 
Sandra Moore                                                   Advisor to Assistant Director, DES
Arthur W. O'Brien                                              Animal Laboratory Veterinarian, VRP 
James Raber                                                    Animal Program Director, NEI 
Rosemary Riggs                                              Animal Program Administrator, NICHD
Cyrena Simons                                                 Research Facility Liaison, DCAB, DES
Glen Stonebraker                                             Program Manager, AAALAC Team, DCAB, DES
James Taylor                                                    Director, Office of Animal Care and Use
Essie Torkashvan                                            Mechanical Engineer, DCAB, DES
George Williams                                              Assistant Director, DCAB, DES

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, MD

Emmett Barkley                                                Director, Laboratory Safety 

Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA

C. Max Lang  George T. Herrell                     Professor and Chairman 

Charles River Laboratory, Wilmington, MA

Bill White                                                           Senior Director, Professional Services 

Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources, Washington D.C.

Thomas Wolfle                                                 Director 

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International, Rockville, MD

John Miller                                                         Executive Director 

Canadian Council on Animals, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

James Wong                                                    Director of Assessments 

Environmental Protection Agency, Neurotoxicology Division, Research Triangle Park, NC

Christopher Gordon                                        Research Physiologist 

University of Pennsylvania, Laboratory Animal Research, Philadelphia, PA

Harry Rozmiarek                                              Professor & Director 

Harvard University, Boston, MA

Melvin First                                                        Professor, Environmental Health Engineering 

University of Texas, South Western Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Steven Pakes                                                   Chairman, Division of Comparative Medicine 

Ohio University, Athens, OH

David Wight                                                       Director, Edison Biotechnology Institute 

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Paul Harrison                                                   Professor of Animal Sciences 
Gerald Riskowski                                            Professor of Agricultural Engineering 
Mike Tumbleson                                              Professor, Department of Veterinary Bioscience 

Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington D.C.

Jack R. Hessler                                               Chief,  Veterinary Medical Officer 

Genetics Institute, Cambridge, MA

Dale Blank                                                         Vice President, Facility and Technical Services

Laboratory Animal Medicine, Rockville, MD

Albert New  Sr.                                                  Consultant

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, D.C.

Dale Martin                                                        Director, Division of Veterinary Medicine 
Brent Morse                                                       Veterinarian 

Nycomed Inc., Wayne, PA

David Johnson                                                 Associate Director, Imaging & Laboratory Animal Medicine 

Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

Charles Dawes                                                Manager of Engineering
David Myers                                                       Director,  Laboratory Animal Health
Carolyn Reeb                                                    Research Assistant

Hillier Group, Princeton, NJ

Mariano Rodriguez                                           Associate Principal 

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., Madison, WI

Mr. Steve Frei                                                     Principal

Smith Kline & Beecham Laboratories, King of Prussia, PA

Howard Hughes                                               Director

Allentown Caging Equipment Co., Inc., Allentown, NJ

Stephen Benigni                                               Technical Sales Coordinator 

Lab Products Inc., Rockville, MD

Rick Deitrich                                                      Vice President & Director of Tech. Services 

Thoren Caging System, Inc., Hazleton, PA

David Pazdon                                                    Director, Engineering 
William Thomas                                               Chairman of the Board 

CUH2A, Inc., Princeton, NJ

Duncan Finlayson                                            Principal
James Del Grosso                                          Chairman of the Board 

Wisnewski Blair and Associates, Alexandria, VA

Joseph Wisnewski                                           President

Ross Murphy Finkelstein, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Mr. John Ross III                                              President

Ewing Cole Brouwer, Philadelphia, PA

Alex Brouwer                                                     President

Newcomb & Boyd, Atlanta, GA

Andrew Dymek                                                  Associate
Christopher Rousseau                                   Partner

Flomerics, Ltd., London, England

Christopher Aldham Sr.                                  Engineer 
Farzad Baban                                                   President, Flovent (USA) 
Andrew Manning                                              Engineer 

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