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Issue Escalation Process

​​​ORF Issue Escalation Process

For DFOM Facilities Operations and Maintenance-Related Issues, please use the following process:

Step 1: First Contact ORF Maintenance Call Center at 301-435-8000.  This phone is staffed 24/7/365

  •        If you DO have an Established Maintenance Request (prefix of M or WO) – Call 301-435-8000. Let the representative know
     you have a Work Order -  Report Issue

  •        If you Do NOT have an Established Maintenance Request Call 301-435-8000. – Report Issue

Step 2: If not successful, contact On Duty Supervisor 301-337-5908. Please reference the Maintenance Request
 (which has a prefix of M) or WO number, if available.

Step 3:  If unsuccessful, Contact the Branch Chief as follows:

Building 10 Clinical Center Complex: Donald Edwards 240-479-1879

Maryland-Owned Facilities (Bethesda Campus, other than Building 10 Complex, Poolesville, and
Integrated Research Facility Frederic
k): Robert Belcher 240-479-0770

Maryland Leased Facilities: Karen Queen 301-252-8486

Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana: CAPT Eric Hanssen 406-381-3228

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Bill Blair 919-771-8462

Step 4: If unsuccessful, Elevate to DFOM Deputy Division Director: Reginald Stewart 301-957-5916

Step 5: If unsuccessful, Elevate to DFOM Division Director Donna Phillips 240-478-8353

Step 6: If unsuccessful,  Elevate to ORF Director Dan Wheeland 301-594-0999

 For Space-Related Issues:
       Contact Program Space Planning Branch: Frank Piatkowski  
       If unsuccessful, elevate to Division Director: Rick Herring
       If unsuccessful, elevate to ORF Director: Dan Wheeland

  For waste management and recycling questions:
       For chemical waste pickup, go to
       If issues arise, contact Branch Chief: Valerie Nottingham
       If unsuccessful, contact Division Director: Kenny Floyd

For Issues Related to the Surgery, Radiology, and Laboratory Medicine (SRLM) Project:  Please contact Gregar Odegaarden​  

 For Issues Related to Design and Construction Projects Other Than the Surgery, Radiology, and Laboratory Medicine (SRLM) Project:  
       For new projects, go to
       If issues arise, attempt to work them out with Project Officer
       If unsuccessful, elevate as follows:
       Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana: CAPT Eric Hanssen
        Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Bill Blair
       Clinical Design and Construction Branch: Praveen Agarwal
        Laboratory Design and Construction Branch: Dan Janniello
•     National Cancer Institute Design and Construction BranchMike Werner
        Office and Leased Space Design and Construction Branch: Woody Inscoe
       If unsuccessful, elevate to Branch Chief’s Division Director: Rick Robey​
       If unsuccessful, elevate to ORF Director: Dan Wheeland

For any issue related to the Environment of Care in Building 10 (Life Safety, Interim Life Safety Measures, 
Construction Risks, and Infection Control), escalate to the Office of Hospital Physical Environment in the ORF/OD: Vijay N​athan​
This page was last updated on Oct 02, 2023