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Issue Escalation Process

ORF Issue Escalation Process

For DFOM Facilities Operations and Maintenance-Related Issues, please use the following process:

Step 1: First Contact ORF Maintenance Call Center at 301-435-8000.  This phone is staffed 24/7/365

  •        If you DO have an Established Maintenance Request (prefix of M or WO) – Call  301-435-8000. Let the representative know
     you have a Work Order -  Report Issue

  •        If you Do NOT have an Established Maintenance Request  Call  301-435-8000. – Report Issue

Step 2: If not successful, contact Facility Management Team  301-337-5908.  Please reference the Maintenance Request
 (which has a prefix of M) or WO number, if available.

Step 3:  If unsuccessful, Contact the Branch Chief as follows:

Building 10 Clinical Center Complex: Donald Edwards 240-479-1879

Maryland-Owned Facilities (Bethesda Campus, other than Building 10 Complex, Poolesville, and
Integrated Research Facility Frederic
k): Robert Belcher 240-479-0770

Maryland Leased Facilities: Karen Queen 301-252-8486

Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana: CAPT Eric Hanssen 406-381-3228

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Bill Blair 919-771-8462

Step 4: If unsuccessful, Elevate to DFOM Deputy Division Director: Reginald Stewart 301-957-5916

Step 5: If unsuccessful, Elevate to DFOM Division Director Donna Phillips 240-478-8353

Step 6: If unsuccessful,  Elevate to ORF Director's Office 301-594-0999

 For Space-Related Issues:
       Contact Program Space Planning Branch: Frank Piatkowski 
       If unsuccessful, elevate to Division Director: Rick Herring
       If unsuccessful, elevate to ORF Director: Dan Wheeland
  For waste management and recycling questions:
       For chemical waste pickup, go to
       If issues arise, contact Branch Chief: Valerie Nottingham
       If unsuccessful, contact Division Director: Kenny Floyd
  For Issues Related to Design and Construction:  
       For new projects, go to
       If issues arise, attempt to work them out with Project Officer
       If unsuccessful, elevate as follows:
       Rocky Mountain Labs, Montana: CAPT Eric Hanssen
        Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Bill Blair
       Clinical Design and Construction Branch: Praveen Agarwal
        Laboratory Design and Construction Branch: CAPT Gretchen Cowman
        Utility Systems Design and Technical Services Branch: Dr. Abdul Bhuiyan
•     National Cancer Institute Design and Construction Branch: Scott Koehler
        Office and Leased Space Design and Construction Branch: Woody Inscoe
       If unsuccessful, elevate to Branch Chief’s Division Director: Jeffrey McCoy, P.E.or Farhad Memarzadeh
       If unsuccessful, elevate to ORF Director: Dan Wheeland
  For any issue related to the Clinical Center, escalate to the Office of Hospital Physical Environment in the ORF/OD:: Tony Francis
This page was last updated on Oct 06, 2021