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IC Moves Checklist


Linda Adams, Administrative Officer at NHGRI, developed and refined this checklist in preparation for a large move into new space. It lists, in alphabetical order, the things AOs should consider tracking to ensure a successful move.

Prior to setting move date:
  • Address/phone number changes
  • Airports
  • Hallway/break area furniture
  • Bulletin boards/white boards
  • Business cards
    Cards must follow instructions in the NIH Manual Issuance at
  • Cable TV
  • Conference room order
  • Copiers and furniture
  • Credit card address changes
  • CSS
  • Facility Information Management System
  • Furniture
  • Gases
    How will this be coordinated?
    Who is the contact?
  • Glass tabletops and desktops
  • Hazardous Chemicals Funding Memo
    For assistance call 301-496-7990
  • In-house web page address changes
  • Journals
    Where do they go?
  • LAN switches and other equipment
    Order switches and other equipment for LAN closets
  • Lobby guidelines
    Who will prepare this?
  • Locks
  • Locker assignments
  • Mail boxes/codes
  • Movers, including Medical Equipment and Maintenance
    Get estimates.
  • NIH NED changes
  • Open House
  • Parking
  • Proximity Locks
    Make sure staff are coded to enter and use.
  • Recycling containers
  • Signs for phones
  • Stock delivery codes
  • Telephones
  • Wireless communications
When move date is set:
  • Check furniture and all other deliveries; coordinate with dock master.
  • Notify chemical movers.
  • Notify general movers of date.
  • Notify mail room.
  • Make parking space changes.
  • Notify facility people for loading dock usage.
  • Check to see that alarm system is working.
  • Check to see that proximity locks are working.
  • Notify LAN support to check connections and install switches.
  • Buy door stops, wedges to keep doors open during move.
  • Call MAPB about signage.
  • Pick up proximity cards.
  • Order refrigerators and microwaves for break rooms.


This page was last updated on Dec 06, 2012