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Space Requests

The Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF), Division of Facilities Planning (DFP) provides assistance to ICs and the NIH Space Recommendation Board (SRB) to identify and acquire space both on and off the NIH campus. This same process is used to request to relinquish space, which is assigned to your IC.  To request space or to relinquish space, submit Space Requests online.  The request must be electronically signed by the IC Director or designee, indicating the IC's confirmation that funds are available to cover all relocation and alteration expenses and the increased rent associated with the request.   The Space Request is assigned to the appropriate ORF Space Coordinator (see below) for review and evaluation. The Space Coordinator handling each request will contact you during the evaluation process.  The SRB reviews the request and renders a decision, which will be communicated back to the IC director / designee for concurrence. 

As part of the evaluation for all administrative space requests, the utilization rate (UR) space per person for the building, in which space is being requested, is confirmed using the latest NIH Census Report. The NIH uses the standard 160 usf/person (usable square foot per person, excluding joint use space; also known as net assignable square feet per person) for all on-campus buildings and off-campus administrative buildings. There are no strict UR standards for research space at this time, but engineering and safety evaluations are required to assure that the proposed space can support the intended use. 

For more details, you may contact any of the Space Coordinators in the Space Planning and Management Branch:

Branch Chief:  Frank Piatkowski, 301-435-2131 or

Research Space:  Tracey Johnson-Butler, 301- 402-8494 or

Research Space Analyst:  Geralyn Williams, 301- 222-3826 or

Lease Space:  Terence Lewis, 301-435-1668 or

Lease Space Analyst:  Patrick Brady, 301-496-2974 or

Submit Space Request  In order to submit space requests, you will need to have access to NIH Facilities Information Management System (FIMS).  You can request access by sending an email to

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This page was last updated on Nov 05, 2020