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Contractor On-Boarding and helpful “Get Started” documents

Documents  to assist construction Contractors with On-Boarding and navigating NIH requirements and getting work started as soon as possible:

NIH Contractor Construction Requirement Tutoria
PowerPoint slides that cover the most critical requirements construction contractors need to know before work starts, Includes  Badging, Parking, Fire Protection, Physical Security, and Design Technical Reviews

Contractor On-Boarding and Pre-Construction Checklist
Provides a comprehensive list of requirements for all construction contracts and specific MACC IDIQ contract requirements.

Environmental Compliance Requirements and POCs
Provides a comprehensive list of Environmental Requirements for all construction contracts at NIH and Environmental/Safety Points of Contact information.

Provides Points of Contact for Key Construction topic areas.

Extended Visitor Badging (EVB) Instructions and Samples  
Provides instructions, links and samples for filling out EVB Applications and EVB Request Letters to help construction contractors in obtaining EVB Badges.

EVB badges allow access to the NIH Campus through designated entrances.

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Badges are for senior construction contractor personnel (i.e. Superintendent, CQM), who have a continuing role on a construction site, by request through their COR/PO.

PIV badges allow for access to the NIH Campus, NIH electronic communications and Parking Permits as authorized by their COR/PO.  

IC Guide to Design & Construction Workflow with Project Officer & IC POC Responsibilities for guidance and planning
For IC POCs wanting to initiate a Design and Construction Work Request.

Sample Warranty Binder 
Construction Contracts require the delivery of Warranty information at the end of projects. The attached provides a sample Warranty Binder format to be used in delivering this information.

This page was last updated on Jun 22, 2020