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Consolidated Computational Research Facility

CCR facility RML.jpg

Construction photo indicating utilities under access flooring.


Project Name: CCR

The Scope of the Work included repurposing approximately 5,301 SF of building 31, at the NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratory, into a new Consolidated Computational Research (CCR) facility.  The mechanical systems work includes construction of a new bidirectional, fault-tolerant, chilled water distribution system, teamed with in-row type chilled water cooling units that are situated on the raised data floor.  There are new heat exchangers, redundant chilled water pumps, chilled water storage tanks and controls, along with a local low ambient emergency air-cooled chiller installed to support the data center cooling needs.  The electrical work included new electrical service to Building 31, and redundant electrical distribution system for the new CCR facility.  The systems included new interior and exterior distribution gear, automatic transfer switches, Un-interruptible Power Supplies, transformers, power transformers, and remote power supplies.  The special systems included Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control, Video Surveillance, and a paging system.

Design and Construction

The project included a comprehensive NIAID Cyber Study with specialty consultants providing a detailed investigation of the current and future needs for the RML Campus.  The consultants worked closely with the engineers to produce multiple computational flow diagrams indicating how the heat generated by the servers would be handled.  In addition, the construction of the project took place in an active facility requiring close coordination with building occupants.

Occupants using the facility include the entire campus as it houses the IT/OCICB needs for RML.

For Design and Construction information, contact Jack Veldboom (406) 360-0803 

This page was last updated on May 04, 2018