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The NIH Office of Research Facilities received the 2009 CTC White House Environmental Award

The NIH Office of Research Facilities received the CTC award this year for its laboratory decommissioning protocol which improves the efficiency of hazardous substance assessment and removal, reduces energy use and maximizes the recovery of recyclable materials during renovation and demolition activities. The award was in the category Sowing the Seeds for Change recognizing the new holistic whole building approach of the protocol methodology and its wide application by numerous other government agencies, universities and laboratory facilities.  It was also the primary basis for the new national standard on decommissioning issued by the American Industrial Hygiene Association/American National Standards Institute.  

"We are honored for the recognition of NIH's best management practices,” said Kenny Floyd, Director of the Office of Research Facilities, Division of Environmental Protection, at the annual Federal Environmental Symposium, where the focus was on sharing Federal success stories and recognizing the CTC award recipients.  

“The widening use of this product by others in both U.S. and abroad is our greatest compliment.  From those who first saw the need and conceived this protocol,  tested it at NIH , built a consensus leading to adoption of the new American National Standard to the demolition workers who actually carry it out, many ORF employees and contractors deserve recognition for their contributions to this achievement.  

This year, the CTC awards were highly competitive. Fifteen winners and 13 honorable mentions were selected by a committee of experts from nearly 200 nominations in the areas of environmental management systems, pollution prevention, recycling, green product purchasing, alternative fuels, electronics stewardship and sustainable buildings.   

“The President believes that we all have a responsibility to our children to leave this Earth better than we found it. All Americans must have a vested interest in the protection and proper maintenance of our irreplaceable national treasures,” said Dana Arnold, the Acting Federal Environmental Executive. “Our award winners this year have worked hard and long in their respective Federal agencies and facilities to ensure that their policies, programs and practices lead us to a healthier, better sustainable, and economically stronger America.”

Created by executive order, the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive (OFEE) is a chartered task force under the White House Council on Environmental Quality. It works to promote the greening of the Federal government by assisting agencies in integrating environmental considerations into their daily operations and management decisions. OFEE assists agencies with such sustainable practices as implementing environmental management systems, purchasing green products, designing and constructing sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, and waste prevention and recycling. 

2009-06-17 Closing The Circle

Presentation of the award to NIH, left to right:  Michelle Moore, Federal Environmental Executive; Accepting for NIH/ORF were Kenny Floyd, Director, Division of Environmental Protection (DEP); Charlyn Lee, Waste and Resource Recovery Branch, DEP; Edward Rau, developer of the decommissioning protocol at DEP.


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