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Current Projects

The Office of Research Facilities manages the planning, design, and construction of all NIH laboratory, patient care, animal research, and administrative space on the Bethesda campus; at NIH locations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area; in Baltimore, Poolesville, and Frederick, MD; in Research Triangle Park, NC; and in Hamilton, MT.  ORF has completed construction on over 1.6 million gross square feet of space.

Current signature projects include:

Building 10 Projects 

Building 3 Renovation 

RML Building 7 Conversion

NIAID Integrated Research Facility at Ft. Detrick

Building 4 Renovation

Rocky Mountain Laboratory Integrated Research Facility


Completed signature projects include:

Porter Neuroscience Research Center Phase II

Building 6 Science Complex Renovation

Gateway Center

Stoney Creek Stormwater Pond

Biomedical Research Center at Bayview

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility

C.W. Bill Young Center (Building 33)












This page was last updated on Mar 31, 2014